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CG Cutter Eagle only sails with high-res hot girls (30 HQ Photos)( 35Photos )
User submit: Thank you to fallen Cpl Keaton Coffey (9 Photos)( 9Photos )
Photo of the Day (Click here for High-Res Photo)( 1Photos )
It’s old but I love Slu (Video)
Israel gets the German Dolphin-class HDW submarine (27 Photos)( 27Photos )
Hot military girl friends part 2 (61 Photos)( 61Photos )
User submit: In flight and walkthrough of the KC-10 (33 Photos)( 33Photos )
Photo of the Day (Click here for High-Res Photo)( 1Photos )
High-res Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 HQ Photos)( 30Photos )
Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)( 32Photos )
theBrigade: Photos of the Week (61 Photos)( 61Photos )
Best of luck to those affected by the Colorado fire (21 Photos)( 21Photos )
User submit: Even and his Marine buddies (32 Photos)( 33Photos )
Gun art, hot girls checkers in high-res (37 HQ Photos)( 37Photos )
Photo of the Day (Click here for High-Res Photo)( 1Photos )
It’s Friday Firepower, let’s have a Choose your Weapon (27 HQ Photos)( 27Photos )
Photo of the Day: user submit of Dad for Father’s Day (Click here 2 High-Res Photo)( 2Photos )
Brighten your day with my Bad Ideas for the Weekend (49 Photos)( 52Photos )
Sunset and a missile launch (Video)
User submit: have a laugh with the Navy in Naples, Italy (26 Photos)( 26Photos )
Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)( 39Photos )
Photo of the Day (Click here for 2 High-Res Photos)( 2Photos )
Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)( 41Photos )
WTF is this WWII concept? (5 Photos)( 5Photos )
User submit: Ben’s kid knows fun (2 Photos)( 2Photos )
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